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  • Developed databases used to coordinate resolution of technical issues between more than 100 American, Chinese, and Russian engineers working on international satellite launches. Automated and reduced reporting time by more than 60%.
    Information Management Specialist (Database Developer), Motorola Satellite Communications
  • Implemented an electronic Youth AIDS Action newsletter for the Pan American Health Organization: Identified the technology and trained PAHO staff. This improvement simplified the process of sending the newsletter, provided sophisticated tracking of user response, and gave a more professional presentation.
    Strategic Technology Consultant, Pan American Health Organization (Technology Works for Good client)
  • Designed and delivered on-site Internet technical training to NGOs in Bangladesh, Cameroon, India, Kenya, The Netherlands, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and the USA.
    Chief of Web Operations, PEOPLink
  • Demonstrate for the World Bank the feasibility of the Souk Virtuel (Virtual Marketplace): a Web site managed by a rural Moroccan NGO for grassroots marketing of traditional rugs (http://www.tedjohnson.us/resume/peoplink/vsouk).
    Chief of Web Operations, PEOPLink
  • Guided an African social entrepreneur in developing an Internet telecenter. Enabled the business to provide the first store-and-forward e-mail accounts, and the first local dial-up e-mail in the province–even though the country had developed no local Internet access or infrastructure (http://www.bamenda.org).
    Advisor, BAMENDA.ORG
  • Evaluated and installed an open source Web site content management system for Third World Social Services. Taught the Executive Director how to update content on her own. Reduced the cost of Web and mail hosting to 10%.
    Strategic Technology Consultant, Third World Social Services (Technology Works for Good client)
  • Trained Pride Africa's Washington DC staff to use Web authoring tools to manage, create, and publish new Web pages and images. (1999)
    Consultant, Pride Africa
  • Redesigned and restructured the Pride Africa Web site. (1999)
    Consultant, Pride Africa

Search Resume Line Items      International Projects
Project Management
Capacity Building
Technology Strategy (CIO)
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