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Disrupting Colonial Approaches To Transport Planning – a Trufi Webinar

Join our Trufi webinar on July 16. Overcome social inequality in transport planning. Learn about disrupting top-down (a.k.a colonial) approaches.

Trufi’s Virtuous Cycle: How OSM Volunteers Cultivate Better Transport Data & Service – A New Academic Paper

The positive effects of digital volunteering: mapping transport routes in OpenStreetMap, coding open-source software – a.k.a. “digital civic engagement.”

Do You Think You Understand What Trufi Does? Watch This…

It’s a difficult task explaining the Trufi app to a North American audience. Dylan Scott nailed it at SOTM US 2022

A “Foundation of Innovation” – Trufi has Mapped Nouakchott’s Public Transport Network

Two perspectives: A local mapper and an international expert in urban transport discuss the impact of public transport data in Mauritania’s capital.

Nouakchott’s First Interactive Public Transport Map

A new complete and interactive map of public transport routes in Mauritania’s capital – a first for the African country.

Trufi to Map Public Transport in Mauritania’s Capital

Trufi will create the first thorough public transport map of Nouakchott, Mauritania. There is currently no accurate map, no app, no website.

21-year-old Developer Makes a Public Transport App for his Hometown in Morocco – with Trufi

A young Moroccan developer has created a new app called Corsa Tétoua‪n, and he single-handedly mapped the city’s entire public transport network.

VIDEO: The Public Transport App for Cyclists – Not Without My Bike

Our public transport app for cyclists, Not Without My Bike is the only app that helps cyclists create itineraries that combine cycling and public transport. This is our presentation to the International Transportation Summit.

route:able – the Trufi App for People with Limited Mobility – Winner of the MobiData BW Hackathon

route:able – a new fork of the Trufi App helps people with mobility issues avoid out-of-service elevators and pick their best public transport route.

An App for Multimodal Journeys by Bike – Trufi’s ITS Hackathon Winner

A new Trufi Bike App will let bike riders blend cycling journeys with public transport in ways no other app can do.

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