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Disrupting Colonial Approaches To Transport Planning – a Trufi Webinar

Join our Trufi webinar on July 16. Overcome social inequality in transport planning. Learn about disrupting top-down (a.k.a colonial) approaches.

Trufi’s Virtuous Cycle: How OSM Volunteers Cultivate Better Transport Data & Service – A New Academic Paper

The positive effects of digital volunteering: mapping transport routes in OpenStreetMap, coding open-source software – a.k.a. “digital civic engagement.”

A “Foundation of Innovation” – Trufi has Mapped Nouakchott’s Public Transport Network

Two perspectives: A local mapper and an international expert in urban transport discuss the impact of public transport data in Mauritania’s capital.

Yes, Farmers Do Use Mobile Phones for Market Prices

We interviewed some Malawian farmers to test their experiences accessing market prices by phone on the 3-2-1 Service against some contrarian information published on ICT Works.

Photographers Alan Winslow and Morrigan McCarthy embark on a 30,000-mile bike trip, capturing the lives of twenty-somethings in 50+ countries through photos and writing.

Nonprofit Website Scenarios

Scenarios of developing and maintaining a website that are common to small- and medium-sized nonprofit organizations.

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